Arctic Culture Lab

What You See

Is Not All You Get


Reading cultural landscapes through multi-sensory perception

How informed do we need to be, to read a landscape? Which references shape our perception of an unknown place? How can we avoid to sense a new location by relying on something we experienced at other places? How can locals contribute to the narrative of a place? Last but not least: how does inspiration and creativity form firsthand accounts with new places?
Arctic Culture Lab Greenland, Ferðafélag Íslands (FI) and Agila in Lithuania are aiming for creating a cooperation platform that adds cultural information to the public opinion by developing the sustainable use of Valgeirsstaðir in Norðurfjörður (The Northfjord). Together, all partners are developig, testing and evaluating an innovative and interdiciplinary concept that is based on the participant`s ability to read nature and to intermediate knowledge about places and hereby forces all participants to leave their comfort zone. The idea consists in the repeated «reading through walking» of a defined strech of landscape under the guidance of selected Nordic experts while the number of repetitions is congruent with the number of experts. The goal of walking is not reaching a certain point, but experiencing walking as an eye-opener through mutual learning experience.

Instead of consumerism of locations, typical for fast tourism, we focus on reflection, mutual learning, sharing and intermediation. The sensation consists in the appreciation of repetition, the interdisciplinarity in defining differences.

A first pre-project in form of a short-term network was realized in September 2022 with following discussions during winter 2022 and spring 2023. This edition was supported by Nordic Culture Point.