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Nordtournet4 – AI

Developing the Creativity of Tourism Workers Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence Powered Tools to Create New or Improve Existing Tourism Services

Artists in Residence contribute to the narrative of a place through their artistic pactice. However, they are tourists like other visitors. Therefor we joined this project that strives for the goal to explore new possibilities of the use of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science using intelligent machines that can facilitate communication while copying behavior and decision making-processes of humans. With AI technologies use programmed algorithms which can work with own intelligence. Over the years, the influence of AI has spread to nearly every aspect of tourism industry. For example, 30% of hospitality companies are using AI to improve their sales processes, websites and product personalisation. Known examples of AI powered tools are chatbots , Google Lens, AI-Driven Mobile Applications, Instant Voice Translators, Sound to Text-applications andd many others .

The spread of AI in tourism industry is caused by enormous amount of data generated today. COVID19 significantly contributed to rapid expansion of AI technologies. In the context of pandemic, tourism in nature and remote areas has become very popular.

AI has already changed tourism organizations and highlighted generational differences: newer generations (Y and Z) are more knowledgeable and skilled in digital technologies. Meanwhile, older generations (Baby Boomers and X) are less proficient in IT.

For the above reasons, the beneficiaries of the project are remote workers and entrepreneurs, operating in the tourism sector, aged 50+, because it is important to train them to master AI tools and to use those tools creatively in their activities in order to be competitive in tourism market.

Partners: Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija/Higher Education Institution (LT), Kurzeme Tourism Association (LV), Mobilizing Expertise (SE), Arctic Culture Lab (GL)