Arctic Culture Lab

Avittat – art in public space


Avittat is considered to be one of the finest forms of embroidery in Greenlandic arts and crafts. Dyed sealskin leather strips of a few millimters in size are sewn together and hereby create a colorful expression of Greenlandic identity. Originally, leather embroidery is found on trousers and kamiks-boots of the traditional costume, but nowadays avittat is also used in modern clothing design, as printed patterns or as decoration on bags, cases, barrettes etc.

We want to take the use of avittat one step further and look at avittat’s potential as an identity-building decoration element in public space. As an experimental platform we will use a row of shelters in the western part of the city of Ilulisat. By involving inhabitants of this area and with support of the pattern designer Julia Heurling we want to develop a social-cultural project wich scales up Avittat-patterns and herbey gives a new meaning to them …










Date: March/April 2020

supported by the Greenlandic Ministery of Culture, Nordic Culture Point, Arctic Culture Lab, INI Greenland and NAPA.