Arctic Culture Lab

AiR Greenland 2023

A number of thoroughly selected artists and scientists was joining our AiR program 2023 that was located in Ilulissat while striving to include the urban surroundings of a place that is going through rapid change.

Zden Brungot Svíteková (Slovakia)
Sophie Kleppe (Norway)
Jana Ryslava (Czech Republic)
Philipp Höning (Germany)
Jack Faber (Israel/Finland)
Liz Walch (GB)
Màrio Olsavsky (Slovakia)
Pia Bergerbusch (Germany)
Shiro Masuyama (Ireland)
Tuli Teelahti (Finland)
Mary Walters (Scotland)
Virginia San Fratello (USA)
Morgen Alexander Ip (GB)

as well as visiting artists and researchers
Mathew Stiller-Reeve (Norway)
Lærke Posselt (Danmark)
Elisabeth Borch (Danmark)