Arctic Culture Lab


October 2017:
Back in Harstad. Talking at AMIFF about subsistence way of life in the Arctic and in particular about seal as a forgotten cultural and natural resource along the North Norwegian coast line. More than 50 words in (coastal) Sami language refer to the use of seal…

amiff1 AMIFF2

In beginning of October we joined the Kulturkoordinater i Nord – conference in Murmansk, Russia. Many exciting meetings!


August 2017:

The Swedish sculptor and multimedia artist Ingrid Enarsson spent several days packed with visits and research with us. Ingrid will be part of the Sail-project in 2018/19.IMG_20170828_154437[1]


June 2017:

Arctic Culture Lab is part of Arctic Arts Summit. Conducted by the North Norwegian Art Museum our topic “Curating the North” was discussed together with collegues from Finland, Greenland, Canada and Norway.
Helene Hokland sitt bilde.