Arctic Culture Lab


Welcome to the Arctic Culture Lab, a multidisciplinary platform for artistic research!ACL logo

The Arctic Culture Lab is a platform which reacts on the international vibrancy of the North and unites artists, curators, cross border specialists, geopolitical experts, as well as producers.

Arctic Culture Lab is a real Arctic organisation with two offices, one on Nordkyn peninsula on the very top of Norway. The second office is based in Ilulissat, Greenland. Both places are stunning lands of contrasts where Arctic Culture Lab strives for a multidisciplinary platform for the increasing artistic interest in the North.


However, short is the way from the traditions, which are perfectly documented in the local museums and often kept in form of oral tradition between elders of the communities to the latter-day challenges the Arctic has to face in times of global warming and industrialization. The Arctic Culture Lab takes this vulnerability of the traditional coast culture as an initial point for research, think tanks and invites to one-of-a kind art productions which try to reflect on Arctic topics through visits, residencies and exhibition projects.